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Your internship can be a life changing experience! An experience that will not only help you apply your study related expertise but also increase your personal growth development, your soft skills and many more aspects of life.

Read on carefully if you can relate with any of the following:

  • You love to travel but it's not easy to find ways to do so
  • You dream about living on an island / close to the beach
  • You're stressed by writing applications + motivation letters
  • You're tired of getting ghosted by companies / rejections
  • You never know if a company will invite you to a job interview or not

Now imagine this wasn't the case. And instead it's:

Easy - Say goodbye to stressful internship applications, interviews & rejections.



Go abroad with full assistance, guided preparation (visa, accommodation, etc), and 24/7 emergency support before & during your island stay.



We'll do the work for you & find you your most fitting dream internship abroad within 7-14 days 🤝

The best of it? - All internship are on a paradise island (next to Bali) 🏝


Island Internships: Easy. Worry-Free. Guaranteed.

A company that was originally founded by fellow students that suffered the same way you do right now in their search for internships abroad. That's why Island Internships was born. To make a difficult process easy, to help you advance your career by going abroad & to offer an escape option from the mundane life with a life chapter on an island - at the beach.


"Okay this sounds amazing. But is this for me?"

Yes! Because we promise to find you your perfect internship at one of our 300+ host companies & 1000+ positions in any of the following areas (& more):

✓ Business

✓ Accounting

✓ Finance

✓ Legal

✓ Marketing

✓ Sales

✓ Communication

✓ Teaching & Languages

✓ Design (digital, graphic)

✓ Photo- & Videography

✓ Content Creation

✓ Hospitality & Tourism

✓ Journalism

✓ Architecture

✓ Engineering

✓ Product Design

✓ Web Design

✓ IT

✓ Sustainability

✓ Social Work

✓ Medical & Nursing

✓ Veterinary

✓ Fashion & Beauty

✓ Event Management

✓ Logistics

... and many more

PRO TIP: If your study is not listed here, you can still reach out to us! There's a good chance we can still find you your perfect dream internship at one of our 300+ host companies regardless.



How does it work?

  1. Schedule my free call
  2. Get 3 hand-picked internship options
  3. Choose my favourite island internship
  4. Meet my company + travel preparations



Commonly asked questions by others:


Q: Do I have to wait for my job interview? 🤝

A: Nope. You see the little "apply" button above? You can literally schedule in your interview based on whatever time suits you the best. With us it's the other way around. Oh, and it's not a stressful interview but a chill chat with us personally where we'll help you as best as we can. Game-changing isn't it?


Q: Why should I pay to participate? 🏝

The decision you need to make is whether you want to find + organise an internship abroad 100% by yourself or if you want us to do it for you. Our service fee makes sure that we can find a quality match between you and the company as easy, worry-free and best as possible; to provide you with full assistance by a team of professionals; or in short, to make your internship abroad an experience of a lifetime. Needless to say, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


Q: Why is my internship unpaid? 💡

The only legal way foreigners can come to Indonesia's paradise island for an internship is with a B211A visa. Due to Indonesia's strict immigration and department of labor laws and regulation, it is not possible to generate income that originates from Indonesia while on this visa. Luckily, the lower cost of living balances this out significantly. Next to receiving discounts for local activities, we will make 100% sure that you are not overpaying & only get charged correct prices (accommodation, scooter, etc).


Q: Will I be alone or will there be other island interns? 🏄

A: You'll meet countless friends for life! We bring in a big community of interns that we connect together so that your island stay will never get boring and filled with life-time memories and one-of-a-kind adventures. We host events, get-away's to the neighbouring party island, and more all the time!


Q: When does it start & how long is the internship?

A: Depends on you! Our interns decide the exact start date and duration during the get-to-know call with the company. However, most choose ~ 4 months and then enjoy up to 2 months of full vacation time 😉


Q: What if my university wants me to write a research paper during my internship? ✍️

A: Our partner companies know about it and guarantee you 100% support. That means you get a supervisor, support to find topics, data access & time to write on it during working hours.



Remember when we said this job listing can be live-changing? Now you see why. It truly can be. You hold the keys to your best life possible. See what's behind this door by pressing the "apply" button. ✨




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