Exjobb 30hp: Cooperative Autonomous Area Search with a Drone Swarm hos Saab AB

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The effectiveness and success of a cooperative search task is highly dependent on the search strategy and the ability to cooperatively negotiate this strategy in the search swarm, and to fully exploit the capability of each individual drone. In this work, a drone swarm will cooperatively and systematically search an area according to the probability to find objects of interests.

Problem description

A drone swarm will search an area systematically according to the probability to find objects of interests. Some areas will be restricted where a drone is not allowed to fly. Object(s) of Interest will be randomly located in the area and a probability distribution of the area will be used to guide the search. If an object is found, the drone will make a visual announcement of the anomaly by a specific flying pattern and send the location to the other drones and other stakeholders. Also, probabilities of the area of interest will dynamically be updated and disseminated to other drones within the swarm during the search. 

This work will include the following work packages:

  • Study cooperative search strategies
  • Implement and evaluate one or more cooperative search strategies in a simulator
  • Demonstration of three drones performing a cooperative search mission
  • Documentation
  • Presentation of the work

Expected results

A writted report that documents the work and the work results:

  • An investigation of state-of-the-art cooperative search strategies
  • Identified solution
  • Software/hardware that implements and demonstrates the search strategy

Tool suggestions

  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • ROS/ROS2
  • IDE
  • HW if feasible in the scope of work


The work will be based on open source solutions.

This thesis is based i Stockholm/Järfälla

Your profile

You are at the end of your master studies in engineering physics, electrical engineering or computer science. For a successful master thesis work, a strong background in mathematics and statistics is crucial. Programming experience and some basic knowledge in machine learning is also beneficial.

This position requires that you pass a security vetting based on the current regulations around/of security protection. For positions requiring security clearance additional obligations on citizenship may apply.

What you will be part of

Aeronautics, a business area within Saab, offers aircraft systems and subsystems to both the defense and the civil market. In addition, unmanned systems, construction of aircraft parts and services are within its business. Aeronautics is also responsible for the current generation (Gripen) fighter system, which includes development, production, marketing, sales, and support. Read more about us 

The department Future Programs consist of the areas Concept design and Next generation studies, and is responsible for the execution of studies, contract, and projects for future products. The department is responsible for the execution of the Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS) program and some EU funded research projects within autonomy.

Kindly observe that this is an ongoing recruitment process and that the position might be filled before the closing date of the advertisement. You can send us your application in either Swedish or English.




Point of Contact:

Ella Olsson

Next Generation Studies

SAAB Aeronautics

Mobile +46766372142

Saab is a company with a strong people-orientation. We offer a friendly work environment where we support and help each other to be at our best. Continuous learning, career & talent development and employee well-being are examples of areas where we always put the strongest effort to offer great opportunities.

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