Investigating safety and perceptual aspects of new technology in cars: Augmented Reality H hos RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Investigating safety and perceptual aspects of new technology in cars: Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays

Vehicle manufacturers have introduced Head-Up Displays (HUD), or are planning to introduce them soon. This technology is aimed at improving drivers' situation awareness. HUD must e.g., consider placement and type of the AR information. These important aspects have received limited attention by the research community and is the focus of this project. The problem is how to make this technology adapted to the human senses and perception, so that safety, visibility, and ergonomics are maintained and preferably also increased. Misapplied technology may result in distorted visual perception with faulty decisions resulting in errors, irritations, and accidents. The intended users are all future car drivers.

We are looking for MSc thesis students, working individually or together in pairs, for investigating an AR-HUD.

The work will target perception and decision making in AR-HUD involving behavioural or perceptual, as well as physical measurements. The relation between the AR information in the HUD and reality is crucial for safe driving. It should be placed correctly in the visual space. There is likely a strong relation between added visual information and the experience of erroneous positioning of this information. Studies with test drivers will be carried out in test cars. Laboratory studies with test persons might also be conducted.

A user study can be broken down into the following main parts:

  • Literature study
  • Identify research questions.
  • Planning of experiment
  • Setting up of experiment
  • Pilot test and running the experiment.
  • Analysis
  • Development of design guidelines.
  • Report writing and oral presentations.

Required skills:

  • Driving license

Suggested skills:

  • Some experience in user testing
  • Interest in optics and visual perception
  • Programming
  • Worked together before with the co-applicant.

Suggested time period:

  • Start autumn 2022 or spring 2023.


  • Volvo Cars in Göteborg.

Application and more information:

For applying, please, send personal letter, CV, grade excerpt and a text/report that you are proud of.

Send application to and for more information contact:

  • David Hermann
  • Technical Expert, Display Systems, Interior Room
  • +46 723 717192


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