Visualise tissue samples in more colors than meets the eye - A precision medicine project hos Lunds universitet

During the last years there has been an exponential increase in interest for improved medical diagnostics based on novel ways for extracting molecular information from tissues that keeps the spatial information i.e. where these molecules originated from. Previously these analyses were only possible to do in a test tube with digested tissue samples. This opens up numerous new diagnostic and research opportunities and we are therefore looking for MSc student interested in programming of fluidics, cutting-edge tissue diagnostics, and spatial-omics technologies to help us make tissue diagnostics and disease prognostics more powerful and precise, capable of distinguishing subtle disease phenotypes or help decide treatment options.

Join our team to develop novel methods and technologies within the space of precision medicine!


Thesis Proposal

In this project you will help an interdisciplinary research team to succeed developing methods to detect biomarkers and genetic information in tissues (biopsies) by programming state-of-the-art fluidics coupled to microscopy for optical read out of gene sequences. Applications range from exploring the composition of brain tissues, monitoring cell responses, medical diagnostics, and to provide a molecular understanding of developmental processes. You will also get insights from life science industry via a current collaboration with a biotech company.


Depending on candidate different focus areas can be chosen, e.g more biotechnology and software development focusing on programming of the fluidics system or more hardware development, focusing on e.g. prototyping and electronics.


This work will be performed in collaboration with research groups at LTH and the medical faculty at the university.


Recommended Requirements: Python experience, fluidics (not required) interest

to engage with both academic research and biotech industry.



Contact:  Dr. Nils Norlin, Dept. Experimental Medical Science and Lund bioimaging centre.


 Prof. Tomas Björklund, Dept. Experimental Medical Science



Observera: De examensarbete och projekt som du hittar i SH Karriär är inte på förväg godkända av ditt universitet. Du måste själv se till att de eventuella samarbeten som du ingår med organisationer för examensarbete och projekt blir godkända av din handledare eller kursansvarig.