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Master Thesis - Developing an intelligent assistance system for mining machinery troublesh at Epiroc AB

Do you want to help us speed up the shift towards a more sustainable mining and construction industry? By doing your thesis in collaboration with Epiroc you will get the chance to be a part of this journey and accelerate the transformation together with us.

You will work together with experienced and helpful colleagues in an atmosphere characterized by creativity, innovation, and workplace diversity. In your specific project you will contribute to the development of new products and solutions that are crucial for improving our industry. Take the chance to be a part of a challenging and educational experience while building up your own experience and starting your future career. 

Education background: 
IT (Computer science), Business (Statistics)

Level of thesis project:
Master Thesis

Number of students in the project:

One or two students/project. 

You will design and implement a system that can provide intelligent assistance to service technicians who need to troubleshoot mining machinery problems. You will apply data mining and machine learning techniques to analyze completed cases and extract useful knowledge that can help solve new problems. You will consider feasibility, desirability, and viability of your system as a potential Minimum Viable Product by interacting with targetusers and applicable metrics. Your target users are internal service technicians as this system would not be available to customers.

There are many digitized cases in the issue management system over a period of years. You will access this set of that contain information about the problem, diagnosis, and solution in a semi-structured form. The issue management system and AI/ML platforms used in Epiroc are world leading.

You will produce a internally accessible minimum viable product. The main success criteria are that the output can act as a copilot for troubleshooting for the target user. Typical metrics should align with the business and an improvement should be measurable to justify ongoing use.

Undergraduate degree in one of the mentioned areas above. English proficiency is advantageous.

How to apply:
Does this sound interesting, and do you feel this is a match? Log in to the recruitment system. If you are new to the system, you need to start by making a profile. Do not forget to attach your CV and a short letter about your-self, describing why you are applying for this thesis. Please note that we do not accept applications via email. 

Send your application as soon as possible, but no later than 30th of April.

Recruiting manager: Michael Scalon, Process & Apps Mgr Service and Rikard Gard, Lead Data Scientist
Phone: +46(0) 10 755 1104 
Other contacts: Joel Älverud, Capability Owner, Service / Rikard Gard, Lead Data Scientist

Company presentation:
Epiroc is a vital part of a sustainable society and a global productivity partner for mining and infrastructure customers. With cutting-edge technology, Epiroc develops and produces innovative drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, and provides world-class service and consumables solutions for automation, digitalization and electrification.

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