MSc Thesis Opportunity at Tech Startup - Market and Impact Evaluation of AI in Restaurants at Forkcast AB

Forkcast is an impact startup serving restaurants with a machine learning driven sales forecasting tool. By enabling more accurate planning, we help restaurants reduce their climate footprint and improve work conditions for their employees while boosting their profits simultaneously.

We are an energetic, caring team with an inclusive culture and high ambitions which we expect you to match. Our drive and motivation comes from the joy of exploring new technological applications and from the potential to make a difference in matters we care about. We hold trust and honesty in high regard and try to keep things simple and straightforward. Above all, we have fun together, aiming to enjoy all parts of life!

We are open to suggestions for topics, so see the title as inspiration. We believe that a successful thesis could focus on characterizing the market need for AI-driven sales forecasts in the restaurant industry. Especially interesting would be to describe and quantify the operational problems caused by poor planning in restaurants as well as the potential improvements that could be achieved if planning was based on accurate forecasts.

What you can expect from us:

  • A dynamic journey at a high-potential startup. We have an exciting pipeline ahead and can promise that boring days will be rare.

  • Trust. You will be an integral part of the team and your contribution will have a major impact on how we build the company.

  • Community. Colleagues are everything, so we take care of each other.

  • Flexibility and hybrid possibilities.

If you’re still here, you’re obviously interested, so check out and don’t hesitate to apply!

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