Master Thesis - Decentralized digital identity usage in an OpenID Connect (OIDC) context at Axis Communications AB


A Master thesis for 1 student completing 30 credits

The scope can be adjusted as needed to enable collaborations between students.


Nowadays, our lives require verification of our identities: accessing our bank account, booking a flight, or signing up for a new service. The current systems for authenticating users and establishing trust online forces users to surrender their privacy. This model is inconvenient for users and onerous for businesses. The state of digital security and privacy is today more than ever a precarious one. We are too familiar with problems like using weak passwords, phishing schemes, fraud, and constantly moving regulations for protecting customer data. 

The rise of a new paradigm called “Decentralized Identity” aims to put the consumer back in control of their personal data. At the same time, businesses gain trust that consumer data shared with them is accurate and secure.

To adopt such a new paradigm within a reasonable time frame, we seek to research how it could be integrated into the OpenID/OAuth2 context.

Why are we choosing OIDC? Because while the current way of authenticating users is an object of concern, the underlying protocol (OIDC) does not have flaws, is well-known and mature, and widely used, and enterprises are familiar with it. 


The goal of this thesis is to gain knowledge about Digital Identity and how this new paradigm could be adopted staying backward compatible with existing OIDC clients.

The results should be presented with a prototype.

Who are you?

For this thesis proposal we target students with a strong interest in Identity Management and Security. You are also technical and have some programming experience in, for example Java or Python. You are studying a Master program in Computer Science or similar. 

OK, I am interested! What do I do now?

You are valuable to us – how nice that you are interested in one of our proposals! There are a few things for you to keep in mind when applying.

Who to contact for any questions regarding the position!

Raffaele Gallina, Product Owner or Stefan Liljestrand, Manager at +46 46 272 18 00 |

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