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Master Thesis Project in Software Testing at Lund University

This project is defined as part of a research project, that investigates if/how defects, in a program, would affect its executions in terms of dynamic metrics, such as execution time and memory usage. The project aims to develop and prepare the required infrastructure and data for that investigation. 

Throughout the project, several and different types of programs should be selected and made prepared for data collection. The dynamic data (e.g., execution time and memory usage) is collected by running both faulty and correct versions of the programs. Herein, it is essential to 1) define the potential dynamic metrics, 2) define the data to be collected accordingly, 3) determine how data should/could be collected (e.g., tools, code instrumentation), and 4) have access to faulty versions as well as correct ones.

Such data provides the underpinning to identify and characterise potential relations between defects and the dynamic data collected through executions, which, in turn, support further and advanced analysis to predict if there is a defect in a program considering its executions data, and even predict the (types of) defects leading to that situation.


The project is defined and carried out as the degree project at the Department of Computer Science, LTH. For futher information, visit


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