Internship as Journalist in the TV industry! at Onepress tv

About us:
We at Onepress TV love movies and TV. We cover TV galas and film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, London Film Festival and more. We do interviews with actors, directors, TV personalities, etc. We also reate content about various film news and write artichels about different stories.

You will create content to our social media channels. Write about different film news. Interview actors and directors. Take the chance and do your internship at a growing media company.
Period of time:
You can do the internship both full time or half time.
This is a Unpaid internship.

You will be able to the internship remote.

Application:1, Please follow us on youtube, facebook and Instagram!
Youtube: Onepress tv, Facebook: Onepress tv, instagram: onepresstv
2, Send in your application with cv and personal letter!

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