Avatar drone in 3D & 180° reacting to VR headset user at LocalBini

We are currently developing a technology that allows for 3D & 180°/360°video live streams with two-way communication.
The live-streaming technology is developed and ready to be used.

In order to be able to move freely in space at a different location, we would like to develop an avatar (drone or robot) that is equipped with a 180° and 3D camera and that reacts/ does what the user at home wearing a VR headset instructs.
Your goal is to develop an MVP where:

  1. the steering logic on how the VR headset user needs to provide instructions is developed;
  2. the drone/robot is equipped with a 3D & 180° camera and streams live (using our technology) to the VR headset user;
  3. the drone/robot moves in space based on the instructions (gestures, eye movement etc) of the VR headset user.

Questions that are significant for us are:

  • How does the user-experience need to be designed that it can become accepted by general users
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