Thesis Project: Gamification with Customer Admin at IKEA Sweden

Thesis Project: Gamification within Customer Admin

Category: Software
Scope: 2 students completing 30 credits (20 weeks) each



Gamification is a strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities in order to create experiences similar to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage the users. We at IKEA feel excited to find out if Gamification is something we should implement to our beloved Customer Admin Tool (CAT).

IKEA are always working on engaging the customers in different ways, and we believe that Gamification could be an interesting opportunity to further develop our relationship with the co-workers. However, to be able to incorporate the principles of gamification in the best way possible, we need more insights in when, how and where it can be used.
We want to empower and supply the co-workers with a tool and feature that will make them want to use the tool more and better.

The first step in this process would be to find out how we can visually and functionally implement gamification, and that’s where we need your help!

Our organization

The overall vision of our organization within IKEA, Customer Engagement, is to establish a customer data and marketing software foundation that enables a world-class, personalized meeting with the Customer and IKEA co-workers.

The Customer Engagement area covers capabilities in areas such as Customer Information, Customer Analytics, Marketing and Loyalty. From a business software architecture perspective, the Customer Engagement area is quite complex since it consists of real time collaboration between global IKEA components and a large number of external partner components.

Customer Engagement is part of the “Reclaim IKEAs data and build new products in the cloud” initiative. In short - we are reclaiming our customer data - including all IKEA Family accounts - which has, up until now, often been managed by local vendors, and are building the capabilities to personalize the customer journey across IKEA touchpoints (digital and physical). Until now the majority of our components are built on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), but other cloud vendors are to be expected when rolling out software globally.


The main steps of the thesis would be:

  • Render a literature study of best practices regarding the implementation of gamification in the co-worker experience
  • Answer the questions when, how and where IKEA could benefit from using gamification and
  • Receive feedback from stakeholders in the IKEA organization
  • Implement a prototype (E.g. React.js + Node.js)

Limitations: Any customer related and personal data must not be disclosed according to GDPR. Specific names of IKEA teams / products / company secrets may not be disclosed in accordance with IKEA non-disclosure policies.

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