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Thesis Work at Scania

“Many of our employees started their careers at the company by completing their thesis projects at Scania.
We have approximately over 100 thesis work available each year.

The subjects of theses and term papers undertaken at Scania always reflects the needs of the company. If you choose to undertake your thesis at Scania, you can be certain that you will receive first-rate support and that your work will make a difference.

Available thesis projects in Sweden are advertised in our job list and we also accept proposals for thesis subjects via the Career contact form. To view all available thesis projects choose “Thesis project” in the category Form of Employment in the job list.”

Attention: Often you need a pre-approval from your university or study counselor, to ensure that projects or thesis found on SH Karriär will be accepted as part of your education. Please contact the right entity in due time to ensure that you're picking the right project.