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Graduate Virtual Career Fair

Join the Virtual Career Fair for new and soon-to-be graduates and find the right graduate programme to kickstart your career in 2021/2022

20 January 13:00 - 16:00 CET

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Organised by Graduateland

The Graduate Programme virtual career fair is the all-online event for recent and soon-to-be graduates - sign up and kickstart your career with a graduate position!

Employers and recruiters from all across Europe will be attending the Graduate Programme virtual career fair. Get unique insights and chat with recruiters that will help you tailor your applications! The Graduate Programme virtual career fair is designed to help you land your next Graduate position.

Participate in the Graduate VCF and win an Amazon gift card!

Reaching out to potential employers can be intimidating - which is why we want to encourage you! We are rewarding the two most active participants of the Graduate Virtual Career Fair with gift cards to Amazon worth DKK 300 (EUR 40)!

All you have to do is sign up and participate on the day of the event! We will find the most active participants once the event concludes, and send them their prize.

But what counts as activity? During the Graduate Virtual Career Fair, doing any of these activities will increase your activity score for a chance to win:

  • Sending and receiving chat messages
  • Viewing webinars and presentations
  • Completing your profile (check your profile completion score!)
  • Visiting exhibitor stalls
  • Viewing graduate programmes and internships


Agenda - Live Presentations

13:10 Graduateland

Introduction and welcome to the 2021 Graduate Virtual Career Fair by Graduateland and Online Career Events CEO and founder Patrick Lund.

13:20 VMware

Explore VMware's culture, and get a live overview and presentation of their many Graduate Opportunities. VMware will also be participating in the Graduate Panel Discussion at 15:00.

13:40 ECCO Shoes

Introduction to ECCO and the ECCO NextGen program, by the Head of the program as well as a previous participant.

14:00 The European Central Bank

Live Presentation by Bank Notes department expert discussing all open roles - with a focus on science careers within the European Central Bank. The European Central Bank will also be participating in the Graduate Panel Discussion at 15:00.

14:20 Bloomberg

Panellist discussion: "A day in the life at Bloomberg", featuring representatives from 3 Bloomberg departments.

14:40 BAT 

Presentation and discussion of open graduate roles (in the UK and Nordics), and BAT's recruitment processes.

15:00 Graduateland feat. Danfoss, the European Central Bank, and VMware

A panel discussion featuring graduate recruiters and current graduate employees enrolled in some of Europe's most prominent graduate programmes. The first half of the panel will cast light on what recruiters look for in graduate profiles, while the second half will focus on individual graduate experiences.


During the fair, you will create meaningful connections with companies, recruiters and current/former graduates:

  • Live-chat with companies
  • Get insights from presentations and webinars
  • Ask live questions during live presentations
  • Schedule phone conversations with recruiters
  • Elevate great chats to video


Besides recruiters and companies, you will also meet some of the young professionals already working at the company and get first-hand experience and testimonials.


The attendng companies, their stalls, and the presentation schedule are updated regularly - make sure you check in before the event to prepare!


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How a Virtual Career Fair works

A Virtual Career Fair makes it possible for students and graduates to meet interesting employers on an all online venue. Here's how, step-by-step: 

1. First step is registering for the Graduate Programme virtual career fair. You will get a confirmation email and calendar reminder - just as with a physical event!

Remember! Make sure your profile and CV are up to date - that's what the companies and recruiters will be looking at.

2. Companies and organisations will be added to the event continuously - makesure you check in and stay updated! Approximately a week before the virtual career fair, all company stalls will go live and all their material will be available, such as:

  • Graduate programme descriptions and potential vacant positions
  • Topics/Subjects of conversation you can reach out on
  • Videos and images to help describe company culture
  • List of recruiters you will be able to connect with on the day
  • Available time slots for video conversations - remember to book in good time!

Once the stalls are live, you can explore all of the above, prepare for specific positions, save Live Presentations in your Daily Planner, and even schedule video interviews.

3. On the day of the fair, you will be matched with relevant employers based on the info on your profile. You can contact any attending company through the built-in chat, and elevate conversations to Video chats.

Stay organised with your Day Planner - it will keep track of Live Presentations and Interviews in your schedule. 


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