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Global Trainee Program

The Analyst Program is an exclusive and competitive track for graduates from all degrees and disciplines. Analysts will be exposed to the company’s global nature almost immediately; at the start of the program, all global participants will convene in New York City for orientation and training.


  • 12 -months global program that accelerates your career 
  • International assignment 
  • Great network opportunities and profound understanding of our business
  • Training activities and hands-on challenge

Analysts will have an experience that will truly accelerate their careers.  They will have the opportunity to work on projects and assignments that have a meaningful business impact across AIG and across geographic borders.  The program will provide access to senior executives, early recognition for achievement, and the opportunities for increasing levels of responsibility. 

In addition to the experience acquired on the job, Analysts will participate in global training that will help them learn and become accustomed to and integrate into the culture of AIG.  Furthermore, Analysts will receive detailed performance feedback and will experience invaluable networking opportunities with both junior and senior-level AIG employees across multiple divisions.  Considerable emphasis will also be placed on training and development to help build both soft and technical business skills.


Preferred Education: Degree in Engineering, Law, Finance or Business

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Regional Summer Internship Program 

Joining the AIG Summer Internship Program is a great way to enhance your business acumen and gain insight into our industry. As a Summer Intern, you will work closely with mentors and colleagues, as you are challenged with meaningful, business-critical projects. In addition to your day-to-day responsibilities, you will also be exposed to other business areas within AIG to gain a broader knowledge of what we do. During the summer, AIG will have the opportunity to assess your fit with the organization and your potential contribution to one of our full-time programs.  Additionally as interns, you will have the opportunity to consider AIG as part of your future career plans.


  • 10-weeks program that will give you an understanding of the insurance industry
  • Great network opportunities 
  • Training activities and hands-on challenges
  • Possibility to become a Global PA right after your graduation 

After a week of orientation and intensive training, Summer Interns will join one of our business lines, each of which offers a unique opportunity of working in a diverse, global and collegial environment.  Summer internships exist in several functional areas, including:  Actuarial, Claims, Finance, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Investments, Legal and Compliance, Operations and Systems, Risk Management, Sales and Marketing, Science and Underwriting.  AIG’s culture encourages and offers early recognition for achievement, in addition to increased responsibility.  Summer Interns will have exposure to senior business leaders as well as a mentoring network to foster individual, professional relationships.

The Summer Internship Program lasts approximately 10 weeks and is targeted to students entering their final year of their undergraduate or graduate education.  In addition to the experience acquired on the job, interns have the opportunity to participate in learning seminars, volunteer activities and networking events.  


Preferred education: last year on your master or bachelor studies in; engineering, law, finance or business

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