ALTEN International



Do you have the drive, talent and business orientation to become a Business Manager at ALTEN?

ALTEN, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and it systems.

Its 32,700 top engineers carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.

In a fast globalising world, ALTEN integrates with the R&D strategy of its clients to support performance and partner them in breaking into new markets.

ALTEN is active in more than 30 countries, covers the whole development cycle and offers a choice of service levels, from technology consulting to full-blown project outsourcing. It is the technology partner of choice for Europe’s leading companies.

ALTEN combines human values, a culture of excellence and expertise in assisting the performance of its clients. Our corporate culture is based on key values shared by all our employees.


Engineers and engineering are what the Group is all about. Some 88% of ALTEN technical teams are engineers, who carry out design projects and studies for technical and information system departments at large industrial, telecom and service companies. They cultivate this same feeling of belonging to a technological environment based on creativity, innovation and trouble-shooting.

ALTEN is a major employer of engineers in France and Europe.
3,000 engineers join the group every year, half of whom are graduates.

ALTEN works on a daily basis to support and promote the engineering profession and furthers the study of science among young people and women.

Each year, we award several prizes: the engineer of the year prize, which recognises innovative projects, and the “women in the industry” prize, which honours the exceptional careers of women who have stood out at the highest levels of responsibility within the company. Our membership of the women’s advocacy group “Elles Bougent” also highlights our commitment to young women in encouraging them to undertake scientific training. The ALTEN endowment supports these programs in connection with the group’s values.

ALTEN is an innovative company.

We conduct our own research and development seeking to balance economic, environmental and social dimensions with technology projects such as tracking and treatment in first aid (civilian drones) or support systems for the visually impaired (augmented reality spectacles, imaging of visual disorders).


The quality of its executive staff, its teams and its rigorous management are the cornerstones of ALTEN’s profitability and resilience.

ALTEN is a financially sound company which, year after year, attains stated goals for profitable growth. Since its inception, it has remained true to engagements in the areas of education and design, and to its support for the engineering profession.

We carry out acquisitions, continue to invest in complete project infrastructures and in R&D projects, which advance the development of new skills for future projects.

ALTEN takes on intensive projects in terms of technological challenge by collaborating (for over 25 years) with the R&D strategies of its clients in order to underpin their performance and provide support for their local, national and international projects.


ALTEN is set on reconciling performance with sustainable development.

The Group’s people are the driving force behind its business. ALTEN aims to promote diversity, employability and the promotion of talents in accordance with the fundamental principles of integrity, fairness, transparency and humility.

Diversity, whether cultural, sexual, age- or career-related, nurtures our values.

Cultivating talents, enabling individual development, developing expertise and providing a springboard for the future are part of our core commitments.

ALTEN offers everyone an environment and pathway tailored to the cultivation of skills, projects and, ultimately, the company.

Join ALTEN, thus to have the possibility of an exciting and varied career within the ALTEN network!


Do you want to be a Business Manager?

Among all the opportunities you will find at ALTEN, you can choose to go for a commercial and team management career. A Business Manager should have many qualifications such as great communication skills, going beyond your capabilities, resistant to stress and results oriented. As a main actors of the customers relations and responsible for a team of consultants, Business Manager must demonstrate everyday their managerial and business added value.

The Business Manager is the link between customers, consultants and company management performing, among others.



We can also offer you a Technical Career: each new project is an opportunity to discover an industrial environment or a different sector, and so to master new technologies and methodologies. This development accelerated skills makes staying on the cutting edge and enhance employability. All engineering professions are represented in ALTEN projects, more than 170 technical specialties in the fields of electronics, software, mechanics, networks and telecommunications, information systems, life sciences plus transversal skills.

We expect from candidates a Bachelor or Master degree.